“ The Ammonia Report ” by Carbon Neutral Consulting

“ The Ammonia Report ” by Carbon Neutral Consulting

We are Carbon Neutral Consulting, an emerging voice in the energy transition with deep roots in workable responses to climate change. We focus on the business side of things. Our kickoff project is The Ammonia Report, the deepest look to date at an idea with the potential to change the face of global shipping and one that is operational today.

The International Maritime Organization’s mandates to limit sulphur and carbon dioxide emissions are likely to disrupt the competitive order across dozens of industries that make up the maritime sector.

Lately ammonia has appeared in sector discourse as an answer, or perhaps the answer, to the sector’s need for a comprehensively compliant fuel. The ammonia idea comes with a raft of important questions that demand to be addressed by companies attuned to strategic opportunities and challenges.

The Ammonia Report marshals the information needed to answer these questions, and then proposes a business strategy and action plan for minimizing company risk and maximizing the chances of long-term reward. Shipbuilders, carriers, financiers, fuel producers, bunker fuel suppliers, and many other types of companies will benefit from the report’s insights and recommendations.

In truth, the maritime sector will change with or without our help. The question remains, which companies will be industry leaders and which ones will be left behind in the coming sea change?

The Ammonia Report addresses five questions.

  1. What are the specific business strategy challenges created for maritime players by the looming energy transition?
  2. How do bunker fuel options, including ammonia, compare on critical dimensions of evaluation?
  3. Are there major obstacles that could prevent ammonia from becoming a mainstay bunker fuel?
  4. What would a strategy look like that is based on the unique position ammonia occupies in the field of sustainable fuel options?
  5. What actions should the company take based on relevant strategic considerations?

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