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For some reason, ammonia is not on the radar of a lot of energy investors because it is still seen as an agricultural commodity right now, Bevington said.

"We think that is going to change very quickly," as more information around its viability disseminates, he said. (2021-02-17)

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The Ammonia Report, brings a radically different perspective to this topic. In it, the report argues how ammonia may hold the key to a winning strategy for companies throughout the maritime sector. (2021-02-04)

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THE safe development of alternative fuels and their supply chains should be a priority for everyone across their value chain, but when it comes to ammonia, reinventing the wheel may be unnecessary.

Unlike other reports that seek to promote the pilot uptake of the zero carbon fuel or first mover experimentation, the CNC's ammonia report targets all businesses that have to adapt to changing expectations and future circumstances. (2021-02-16)

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"We did choose ammonia, but the process of choosing ammonia started 10 years ago, back when Milton and I were employed at the Clinton Climate Initiative, and one of the assignments we were given was the hydrogen economy ... We dove into that question and did a lot of interviews ... We learned that there's a theory of hydrogen that it's clean and simple ... but when you have to make hydrogen actually work, it is problematic in lots of different ways ... While we were doing this research, someone suggested, 'Have you looked at ammonia?' ... and from that point to the present, we keep looking for some fatal flaw or significant drawback ... We've never found it." Stephen Crolius (2021-02-26)

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Ammonia has the singular virtue of being both a viable transition fuel and a long-term zero-emission solution, and investing in it early protects the asset value over its full economic life, which can be 30 or more years in many cases. (2021-03-29)

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Carbon Neutral Consulting’s report also considers the degree of challenge involved in scaling ammonia up as a major maritime fuel. (2021-02-04)

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Reacting ... hydrogen with nitrogen produces ammonia, which has a much higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries or liquefied hydrogen. This is a key factor for long voyages, as deep-sea vessels have to carry their fuel with them for thousands of miles at a time. (2021-02-03)